Sixties Scoop Class Action
Meet our team:

On June 23, 2017 DD West LLP launched a Federal Court class action against the Attorney General of Canada on behalf of survivors of the Sixties Scoop residing in Western Canada.

Prior to filing the Statement of Claim, our legal team travelled to approximately 20 different communities across Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. Over countless hours and hundreds of interviews we are proud to announce that we have listened to and chronicled well over 600 individual testimonies.

In light of the 94 ‘Calls to Action’ of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission DD West LLP has taken a principled, grassroots approach to the lawsuit that focuses on listening to survivors’ experiences and obtaining input with regards to the development of the lawsuit.

On October 6, 2017 the Honourable Minister Carolyn Bennett announced a forthcoming settlement agreement. DD West LLP has not been involved in or invited to participate in the above settlement negotiations. As such, much of the settlement agreement remains a mystery to us as with you.

What We Know So Far

  • Eligible recipients will receive between $25,000 and $50,000 depending on the number of applicants that apply. If more than 20,000 eligible applicants apply, survivors receive the lesser of the above amounts.

  • Aboriginal peoples categorized as ‘Metis’ are not eligible.

  • The settlement package is to cover claims for cultural abuse only and does not cover claims for physical or sexual abuse.

  • By other law firms’ estimates the settlement agreement is expected to be finalized as early as the Spring of next year.

Where We Stand

Having signed up 600 individual survivors we have compiled a list of priorities communicated to us (in no particular order):
  • That any settlement agreement include compensation for the families of deceased victims of the sixties scoop;

  • That Metis and other Aboriginal groups not be excluded from the settlement;

  • That victims of sexual and physical abuse be compensated for their suffering and be given the opportunity to voice their stories before an independent tribunal should they so choose; and

  • That individual survivors be compensated whether they were adopted outright or simply put into the child welfare system;

  • That survivors put into mixed Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal homes be included in the settlement;

  • That survivors taken from a non-reserve area to another non-reserve area with non-Aboriginal foster or adoptive parents be included in the settlement.

Alberta Statement of Claim - 1701-08523
Federal Court Statement of Claim - T1811-17

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