Ashley Rutherford





Ashley Rutherford

Ashley Rutherford is a paralegal with a focus on business law, corporate commercial transactions, and corporate governance documents. She has been an assistant and paralegal since 2006 and with DD West since 2009.  

Ashley manages the corporate department in the Winnipeg office and operates in Alberta out of the Calgary office for many Alberta corporations and Indigenous corporate entities. 

Ashley is also the office manager of the Calgary office and a member of the firm’s Management Committee. She is supervised by Orvel Currie and Annie Ta, working with Orvel since 2008 and Annie since 2018. 

Ashley’s corporate experience includes preparation of corporate documents relating to:

  • Alberta, Manitoba, and Federal incorporations
  • registrations, including extra provincial and business names
  • amendments to corporate structure
  • corporate and tax reorganizations
  • dividends
  • redemptions
  • amalgamations
  • dissolutions
  • revivals
  • continuances in and out of various jurisdictions in Canada
  • routine annual maintenance
  • reviewing, updating, and cleaning up corporate minute books to correct deficiencies

Ashley also has experience in commercial law relating to:

  • drafting documents on purchase and sale of business/assets,
  • standard due diligence (obtaining, reviewing and summarizing),
  • preparing and coordinating land titles, registrations and personal property registration for various jurisdictions in Canada.  

Ashley also works in the municipal law group and has experience drafting documents for by-law orders, expropriations, agreements, leases, memorandums of understanding, right-of-way/encroachment agreements, license agreements, and real property transactions. 

Ashley’s courses include CORES Level 1, 2 and 3 and she has attended various Legal Education of Alberta, Law Society of Manitoba, and Law Society of Alberta courses (in person and online) on tax law, estate administration, commercial real estate, corporate law, and trust safety.