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Dona-Lynn Morley

Dona-Lynn (D-L) Morley has 20-plus years of experience as Corporate Counsel for the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA), as a lawyer for the City of Regina, and as Assistant City Solicitor for the City of Moose Jaw. D-L is adept at providing legal advice, opinions, and services on a broad range of legal issues and has training and practice in mediation and conflict resolution. Her strength lies in presenting and drafting legal and non-legal documents in concise, plain language that can be understood by the reader and not just other lawyers. 

D-L has experience appearing as counsel in administrative and court proceedings and has appeared before Boards of Revision and the Saskatchewan Municipal Board, Assessment Appeals Committee and has represented her clients at all levels of Saskatchewan Courts including Small Claims, Provincial Court, King’s Bench Court and the Court of Appeal. She also acted as prosecutor for the City of Regina respecting bylaw and certain other provincial law offences. 

In her various positions, D-L liaised with the Saskatchewan provincial government on proposed changes to a variety of legislation and provided comments on the proposed changes. She played an important role in drafting the legislative amendments for the move to a market valuation assessment system in Saskatchewan in 2009. At the cities of Moose Jaw and Regina, she collaborated with the responsible departments to write, review, and rewrite regulatory bylaws to reflect City Council’s intention and actual enforcement processes.

As an employee of SAMA and the City of Moose Jaw, D-L has been trained in applying “Lean principles” as part of a culture of continuous improvement. Such experience allows her to assist in building organizational processes and procedures from the ground up.

Born and raised in Regina, D-L is a proud member of Rider Nation. She loves music and prior to becoming a lawyer, worked as a DJ and later a karaoke host.