Wills and Estates

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Wills and Estates 

DD West LLP’s Wills, Trusts and Estates Practice Group prepares trusts and estate plans that assist the accumulation and preservation of wealth and its orderly devolution to subsequent generations. Our lawyers are here for you throughout every stage of the planning process, from tax planning to estate administration. We have extensive expertise in wealth management including the succession of family businesses, tax planning, trusts, wills, powers of attorney, health care directives and planned giving. We also assist in establishing and advising charitable foundations and organizations.

Estate Litigation

Mr. Crane has extensive experience in the area of Estate Litigation.  Also with himself, Ms. Lawlor Forsyth and Mr. May they look after various types of issues in Estate Litigation as follows: 

  • Will Challenges and Defence of Contested Wills
  • Probate Litigation
  • Testamentary Capacity and Undue Influence
  • Will and Trust Interpretation
  • Claims for Converted or Missing Funds of Deceased Person
  • Joint Account Litigation
  • Removing and Replacing Executors, Administrators and Trustees
  • Court Applications for Advice and Directions in Estate Administration
  • Dependents Support and Relief Claims
  • Family Property Claims for Surviving Spouse
  • Contested Passing of Accounts
  • Compensation for Personal Representatives and Trustees
  • Constructive Trust Claims
  • Quantum Merit Claims
  • Abuse of Power of Attorney and Trust Claims
  • Elder Abuse
  • Trust Litigation

Estate Planning

The estate and tax planning lawyers at DD West LLP provide the following estate and tax planning services:

  • Drafting of Wills, Power of Attorneys and Health Care Directives
  • Estate administration
  • Creation of testamentary or inter vivos family trusts
  • Appointing guardians for minors
  • Family wealth management planning
  • Business succession planning
  • Appointment of trustees
  • Tax planning to minimize taxes on death
  • Corporate reorganizations
  • Multiplying of capital gains exemption

Our firm can help with the creation of a personal estate plan to preserve your wealth, minimize taxes on death and maintain harmony within the family.   From small owner managed businesses to medium sized companies, we can provide practical tax and estate planning.   We also provide tailored advice to high net-worth individuals, business owners and farmers.

If you are interested in our firm preparing Wills, Powers of Attorneys and Health Care Directives please click the link below and insert the applicable information.”,  https://ddwestllp.mylegalintake.com/Login