Meet our team
Our lawyers have a broad experience providing advice and litigating in the area of Pension and Benefit Law whether acting for pension plans, employers, or employees.
Our experience encompasses providing advice on group benefits including life, disability, health and dental plans, and pension plans. Related to pension issues specifically, we provide counsel on best administrative practices related to administration of benefits impacted by relationships and their breakdown, advising on pension rights on time of termination, advising on benefit issues on time of termination, advising and representing plans and clients in relation to pension and benefit disputes, advising on pension benefit rights on death of members and/or beneficiaries, advice on pension governance, representation of plan sponsors before Regulatory Tribunals and the Courts, litigating pension and benefit issues, preparing and reviewing communications to employers and employees, recommendations on legal liability issues and providing advice on plan creation implementation, mergers and amendments, trust agreements, agreements for administrative services distribution issues.
Our lawyers have litigated cases of first impression before all Courts in Manitoba and the Supreme Court of Canada.